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Magento 2 / Magento 1

Export your invoices and credit memos to DATEV format!

Tested with Magento® 2.1.x 2.2.x 2.3.x
Tested with Magento® 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x


89€ per month

19% Tax is not included

One month free trial!
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With Export2Datev plug-in you can export your invoices and credit notes directly from your Magento® shop out to your accountant. The data is automatically converted to DATEV format, so you can import to the DATEV without any modification. The Export2Datev plugin also supports M2Epro plugin (Amazon / eBay / Rakuten) and PAYONE payment plugin .

The plug-in will be adjusted if necessary after purchase to your needs. This service is included in the purchase price!


  • Deliveries to domestic, EU - countries or in third countries are properly taxed and posted to the correct revenue account.
  • Standard revenue accounts for DATEV SKR03 or SKR04
  • Seperates PayPal and Amazon Payments
  • No local installation required!
  • No knowledge required in Financial Accounting!
  • No computer skills required!
  • Very easy to use
  • Exports with just 1-click your invoices and credit notes into DATEV format
  • Integrated for orders imported from M2Epro (Amazon / eBay / Rakuten)
  • Free adjustment to the requirements for your financial accounting!

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